We invite you to join us on the whale project. We invite you to share this project with your family, friends, and colleagues. We invite you to contribute in whatever way your heart guides you: donation, time, energy. Your donation will support so much, such as copper, tools and materials, food and logistics for children and community programs, as well as a documentary film and book.

The whale project is not just about our local community here in Oahu or in Hawaii. This project is a permanent reminder to all of us around the world that we have to be together in peace to protect ourselves, our children, our communities, our Mother Earth.

In these troubled times, everything we do counts. As our actions and thoughts bring harmony and peace into ourselves, we then can reflect them to the world around us. We can’t force peace or harmony upon our world, it can only come from ourselves, our actions, our hearts. We need your support. We need your spirit. We need your mana

It is our greatest right and responsibility for each and everyone to have a place of peace and harmony for now and the future. When we come together with our hearts and minds, we will make a big change for peace for all of us in the world. The time has come. We must get together for one thing, to save our sacred Mother Earth for all generations to come!

Many hearts, many hands. Hearts speak to hearts.

Join us!

Humbly, Mahalo

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