Ohana Days

Please join us in the creation of Kohola Ola, the Whale of Peace!

Mouna Farm & Arts and Cultural Village is open Saturdays to the community, all of the island, and its visitors.

Come to the farm: bring your family, friends, your Mana, and be a part of the creation of these copper whales of peace.

Our Ohana Days will accommodate 3 groups at 9:00AM, 10:00AM, and 11:00AM to listen to a short presentation, film trailer, fresh farm fruit, snacks, and the opportunity to take part in the creation of the whales that bring life.

Recent Events

Children from all reaches of Oahu offering their Mana to the creation of the project.

Hawaiian elders offering their blessing and giving their Mana to the whale.

A group of teachers and teaching tour guides from LbE Japan and LbE Hawaii came to Mouna Farm to work on the whale. They also made bracelets to honor their time with Sooriya and the farm.

This place is amazing. The heart, caring, and intention for the land is an inspiration. Deeply grateful [Mouna Farms] exists.

– Miku Lenentine

Oscar Wilde

A great place to be in Peace! Reconnecting Hawaii to Sri Lanka!

– Bede Dhammika Cooray

Andy Warhol

October 2019

We look forward to welcoming you to Mouna Farm & Arts and Cultural Village and the Whale Project!

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